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Finance Grinder – about project

As I wrote in the previous post I am participating in Daj Się Poznać 2017 (link) contest. One of the conditions is developing open source project. I decided to build a web app for writing down expenses and managing a home budget.
Why build expenses/budgeting app?
Can’t you just use Excel spreadsheet? Someone may ask. I am using one right now, and the longer I’m doing so, I’m experiencing more restrictions, and would like to automate it much more. Currently, I’m using quite advanced Excel file created by Michal Szafranski from
It allows defining a list of groups and categories of expenses, which is used in all spreadsheets (each spreadsheet represents one month). Also allows to plan a budget for each category, next you need only to fill in proper rows with amounts, and smart formulas will take care of relevant calculations. At the beginning of home budget journey it can be enough for basic purposes, but, for example, if you want to compare summary data between months or years, it is not that quick and easy. Moreover, if you aren’t familiar with Excel, your data can be lost or formulas can be broken very fast.
So I decided to build yet another budgeting app
Yes, there are some applications for such purposes. One of most popular is online YNAB, polish, or widely used Microsoft Money. Each has many advantages but is not without drawbacks. Some are paid for basic version, some, like Microsoft Money, are not maintained from a long time. I will not build perfect service, but I’ll try to conclude basic functionalities in a simple form. Functionalities, which I would like to use.
For the beginning:
  • registration with a social account, ex. facebook, google
  • writing down expenses
  • monthly summary
  • yearly summary
  • reports for the particular expense category
  • defining budgets for categories
  • reports for a budget realization
How many of these will I complete during the contest? Will see. I know, however, that if I start, and make some amount of work, I will develop this project after the contest ends.
Therefore, how it will look like?
I decided to use technology, which I am familiar with, and love, and also technology, that I don’t know much, but love too. I’m thinking of respectively Ruby on Rails and ReactJS. During the project, I hope tolearn some new things related to programming and build an application, which will be useful not only for me. I encourage you to use it and try to control your expenses.


Source code can be found on GitHub:

I will try to launch live version as soon as it’ll be possible, to let you see how it works, track changes, and find bugs 😉

Any feedback is welcome. Ping me in a comment or look at the Contact page.

Stay tuned!