DSP Project Report #3

Spring has arrived. Days getting warmer, the sun is shining, birds are singing. I’m not changing the profile of my blog to poetic, but these things are distracting me more and more.

Last week I had couple moments when quitting from contest went through my mind. It’s quite tempting, but I want to hold out to the end.

Fortunately, some progress has been made at FinanceGrinder project. Recently I’ve implemented adding new withdrawals functionality. It is quite simple for now, and similar to adding categories, but it will grow in later time.

Date Picker

Adding withdrawal form has 3 fields: Date, Amount, and User. The last one will be filled automatically in the background when logging in will be implemented.

I would like to focus on a Date field. I started with a simple text field, but typing date in the proper format by hand isn’t convenient. Next I changed it toHTMLs   <input type=”date” /> . It rendered nicely.

Date picker
HTML Date picker in Chrome.

I was able to switch date from a popup or set date using up and down buttons. But it works only on Chrome. Firefox, are you kidding me?! Come on, don’t be delayed. So I decided to use component provided by MaterializeCSS. It’s dead simple to implement.

in view file:

in javascript file:


After reloading page, we have a very nice popup with the readable picker. The most important thing for me is that it will behave in the same way on every modern browser.

That’s all for now. Not much, but commits are dropping constantly like raindrops from the roof on a rainy day. And poetry again…