DSP Project Report #2

It’s time to report my progress on the FinanceGrinder project. I’ve declared to publish reports weekly, so this one should be the third, but not much happened since last one. I didn’t have enough time to develop my application as much as I would like to. The day is too short…
It doesn’t mean that I didn’t do anything, some small progress has been made.
I have added a basic layout for application, for now, it is simple, standard MaterializeCSS layout: navbar with app name and menu, footer, and content between them.

FinanceGrinder - list of expenditure categories
FinanceGrinder – list of expenditure categories

Also, I’ve split the list of categories to distinguish incomes and expenses. Materialize provides a nice solution [link] for this.


When the categories are in place, I could finally create the most important table – transactions. This model will be responsible for orchestrating all incomes, withdrawals and later transactions between accounts.

FinanceGrinder - list of transactions
FinanceGrinder – list of transactions

For now, it’s just viewing the list of transactions. My next goal is to implement CRUD for them.


My intention is to build Minimal Viable Product with basic functionalities, publish demo and gather feedback from users. At first stage, the application can be ugly but should be efficient. I don’t want to build shiny GUI at the moment, I want to focus on main functionalities. I also would like to publish open demo as quick as it is possible.

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