7 programmer sins

Let me paraphrase a popular sentence from Bible: Let any programmer who is without sin be the first to throw a keyboard. I’m sure that many keyboards would be thrown because many of us consider himself to be infallible and bulletproof. But is it right? Most of us don’t even realize our weaknesses and sins, […]

DSP Project Report #2

It’s time to report my progress on the FinanceGrinder project. I’ve declared to publish reports weekly, so this one should be the third, but not much happened since last one. I didn’t have enough time to develop my application as much as I would like to. The day is too short… It doesn’t mean that […]

New abilities of HTML

Even if you only browsing the Internet, not creating sites, you probably heard of HTML. For some time webmasters are using new major version – HTML 5, which brought many features. Now they can do more thanks to HTML 5.1 What is HTML 5.1? It stands for Hypertext Markup Language, other words – set of […]

Starting a new Ruby on Rails project

In this post, I will shortly describe how to jumpstart Ruby on Rails based project. I am building a project called Finance Grinder and I’ll show you steps, that needs to be done to create new app. Also, I will describe gems (libraries), that I’ve chosen to use in my app. How to start with Ruby […]

New idea

Finance Grinder – about project

As I wrote in the previous post I am participating in Daj Się Poznać 2017 (link) contest. One of the conditions is developing open source project. I decided to build a web app for writing down expenses and managing a home budget. Why build expenses/budgeting app? Can’t you just use Excel spreadsheet? Someone may ask. I […]